HASSET user guide

Humanities and Social Science Electronic Thesaurus (HASSET) was developed from the UNESCO thesaurus. It became a separate product in 1997 and is a working tool for indexing and retrieval of UK Data Service data.

HASSET terms reflect the contents of data collections curated by the UK Data Service. It can be used to retrieve studies and the key variables of large-scale government surveys, international macrodata, business microdata, qualitative studies and census data from 1971 to 2011 held within the UK Data Service catalogue.

The multilingual thesaurus ELSST, which is used to search the CESSDA data catalogue, is based on HASSET, and incorporates a selection of its concepts. The concepts that are shared between the two thesauri are indicated by the qualifier (core). Funding from the CESSDA-ELSST project has enhanced the development of HASSET.

HASSET term labels and thesaurus revisions aim to keep abreast with social science and humanities literature. HASSET terms also reflect the need for new concepts to index data in other CESSDA archives and the thesaurus aims to include terms suggested by data users.

Some notes on the structure and format conventions used to construct the thesaurus are included in this guide to assist in the location of preferred terms.

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