HASSET user guide

Humanities and Social Science Electronic Thesaurus (HASSET) was developed from the UNESCO thesaurus. It became a separate product in 1997 and is a working tool for indexing and retrieval of UK Data Service data.

There are several navigation options for searching and browsing HASSET.  Advice and tips on how to navigate HASSET can be found here.

The thesaurus can be used to aid retrieval of studies and key variables in the UK Data Service catalogue. These studies include large-scale government surveys, international macrodata, business microdata, qualitative studies and census data from 1971 to the present day.

HASSET term labels and thesaurus revisions aim to keep abreast with social science and humanities literature. The thesaurus is pleased to accept suggestions for new terms from data users and licensees. Information on contributing to HASSET can be found here.

This guide also includes notes on the construction of HASSET, HASSET licensing, a summary of recent changes to the thesaurus and a bibliography of scope note sources. 

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