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Scope notes

The scope of a concept is not always the most common meaning associated with its preferred term.

When the meaning of the term is in doubt (i.e. there exists both a common sense meaning and a specific meaning in the context of social science and humanities academic literature, and the latter reference is embedded in the indexed data) a scope note will be added. 

Scope notes should be used, together with context information provided by the location of the term in the hierarchy of broader and narrower terms, to determine whether the selected term is the appropriate entry point for a search.

Scope notes, which were not written by the thesaurus team, are accompanied by attributions of reference. Provenance for the scope note reference can be found by using the link in the scope note source field to the bibliography of scope note sources. These references are authoritative sources which have been selected to provide provenance for the particular meaning of the term within the thesaurus.

Use Notes

Use notes provide indexing advice on term usage and the relative meaning of the term in relation to other terms in the thesaurus. While the information may assist retrieval too it is primarily designed as an aid in the selection of the correct term for those using the thesaurus as an indexing tool. Retrieval tips can be found here.

History Notes

History notes are available on login.


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