How to use HASSET

To find the appropriate term, the user has several navigation options including HASSET search, visual graph, Boolean search and browsing.

HASSET search

The HASSET search link in the navigation bar opens an alphabetical list of terms.

Enter a term in the search box. The results page will reveal the position of the term in the hierarchy as well as its non-hierarchical relationships - Related Terms (RTs) in the metadata area.


The entry point of COMPUTERS can be used to navigate to CYBERCRIME if 'computers' and 'crime' formed the substance of the question.

Scroll down the page to the 'Search in UK Data Service Discover' link on the right-hand side which will show studies indexed with this concept.

The alphabetical list can also be used to locate a new search 'entry point'. This may be either a Preferred Term (PT) or a Use For (UF) term. Select either term type by checking the appropriate box to the left of the 'search' box in order to refine the search. The default option include both options.


ICT rather than COMPUTERS may be the entry point. The page that will open in the hierarchy of the PT for ICT is INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY.

Again, scroll down the page to the 'Search in UK Data Service Discover' link which is located on the right-hand side. It will open to show studies indexed with this concept.

Visual graph

The Visual Graph is a useful tool to undertake a quick survey of logically related terms, taking note of 'Use For' terms which offer a brief synopsis of the scope of the term. Toggle the symbols RT, BT, NT and RT to expand or contract the display.


The visualisation tool is especially useful for moving quickly across a range of related terms that may be of interest to the enquiry.

Selecting the 'search' icon, illustrated above, opens a 'View concept' page from which point the 'Search in UK Data Service Discover' link will open a new page which lists data indexed with the new concept. The reset button returns the display to its original setting.

Colour code and navigation instructions are provided for quick identification of hierarchical and non-hierarchical relationships.

It may be necessary to select the 'Full screen' setting as the display broadens.

Browsing HASSET

The thesaurus can be browsed via the 'Tree View' tab located beneath the 'search' box. Click on the link to access a complete list of the hierarchies.

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